Line Mc Murray is a feminist writer, poet and artist.  She founded the Quebec Academy of Pataphysics in 1989.

E X P E R I M E N T A L   C I N E M A   
2024-2018  • Experimental docu-fiction. With appearances and original performances by COZIC, Florent Veilleux, Claude Frascadore, François Raymond, Line Mc Murray, Éric Ladouceur, Éric Gagnon, Michel de Sévigné, Gleason Théberge, Charles Bonenfant, Joyce Yahouda, Pierre Dion, Yves Langlois, Raôul Duguay & Céline B. La Terreur.  

2023 • Dyonisian Extasy, inspired by the life of Isadora Duncan. Color, stereo, 05min. 05sec.  
2023 • Les Mystères de Saint-Côme.  Color, stereo, 16 min. 
2019 • Hyperflexion Conteporary Art, South Africa : F is for Feminism and the Female Form
2014 • The Divine Tragedy: The Tower, Considered for the 87th Academy Awards (Oscars)
Landmark Theater, Los Angeles
2014 New York City International Film Festival, New York, N.Y.
The Divine Tragedy: The Tower : American Premiere in New York City
2014 • Film Market, Cannes Film Festival,
Presentation of the movie The Divine Tragedy: The Tower
New World Cinemas, Cannes, France
2012 • Magmart – International Videoart Festival, Naples, Italy
SUPER BALLET, video, 2010
2012 • Oslo Screen Festival, Oslo, Norway
Exerpts of videos by Céline B. La Terreur presented by Evelin Stermitz, founder of ArtFem.TV
2010 • Galerie de l'UQÀM : Expansion (group show)
SUPER BALLET, video, Curator: Louise Déry
2009 • Sporobole, Sherbrooke : Pubs d'art, Curator: Sébastien Pesot 
2007• Cirque du Soleil
Tales from the Ship: Liberty by the Truth, video
2006 • Montreal Underground Film Festival 
Bubbles: Pink Violence
Screening of the 2nd video clip by Céline B. La Terreur : FANTASTIC AEROBIC
2000 • Galerie V.A.V., Concordia University : On the Line/Sur la ligne, group show, video
Curators: Michelle Bush and Maria Sheriff

COZIC : Portrait-robot
(Courtesy of COZIC)

D O C U M E N T A R Y   C I N E M A T O G R A P H Y 

2024-2018  • COZIC. a documentary film by Céline B. La Terreur
75 min. 4K, color. La Terreur Productions
Release : 2025




Direction : Céline B. La Terreur
Production : La Terreur Productions
Executive producer : Etienne Desrosiers
Direction advisor : Etienne Desrosiers
Direction of photography : David Simard, Jean-Philippe Thibault, Jérôme Sabourin
Editing : Etienne Desrosiers
2D Animation : Brigitte Archambault
Sound Design : Jean-Philippte Thibault

This film is produced with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and Vidéographe.



2024-2012 • Duplessis Orphans : Testimonials  

Since 2012, artist Céline B. La Terreur has been working on documenting and preserving various testimonies of Duplessis Orphans. She has produced an exhibition: The Divine Tragedy: The Tower, presented at the Joyce Yahouda Gallery in 2013, which addresses the tragedy of the Duplessis Orphans from a feminist perspective. 

In 2017, the average age of Duplessis Orphans was between 60 and 70 years old.

Since 1992, these men and women have been fighting valiantly to assert their rights with the Federal Government, the Provincial Government, the Public Curator, the Ministry of Health and Social Services, the College of Physicians and the Roman Catholic Church.  

In the tragedy of Duplessis Orphans, violence is expressed in all its forms: physical, psychological, verbal, sexual, economic, social and spiritual. This subject deserves the sustained attention of Quebec and Canadian society and international authorities as a human rights issue.

These are universal issues of justice and human dignity.  


This project is being carried out with the support of Vidéographe as part of its creative support program.

(We ate the meat, which was covered with dirt)
Image from the testimony of Sylvio Day,
Duplessis Orphan Duplessis

Reproduced with the permission of C.O.D.V.A.

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